Saturday 23 October 2010
Piazza Castello. Casa Daz, Casa Derosas - Usini

On the 23rd - 24th of October 2010 the town of Usini (Province of Sassari) played host to an event entitled EcletticaMENTE. Intrecci di idee tra passato, presente e futuro (The weaving of ideas from the past, the present and the future), organised by the Associazione Sardòs, in collaboration with the Town Council of Usini, LaPArS and the Usini Pro-Loco. The occasion was intended to highlight those artistic and artisan qualities that still exist in the local community, in particular those which make use of plant raw materials, that are at risk of disappearance through lack of knowledge but that have played an important role in domestic economy from prehistory to the present day, the products and objects of which are inevitably made of perishable material. 

The event involved pupils from local schools, who had the opportunity, through participation in study workshops, to replicate ancient activities and to explore their interest in themes relating to archaeological research both locally and in general. The children were able to meet craftspeople from Usini and others parts of Sardinia in the courtyard of Casa Diaz and were able to watch demonstrations as well as actively participate in working with traditional plant materials (such as sedge, bulrush, needle grass, giant cane, olive, etc.). The craftspeople demonstrated how to identify and select each plant in its natural habitat, methods of harvesting (seasons, tools, etc.), preparation treatments (such as drying or soaking) and the techniques used for production of objects (ropes and cords, containers, linings and wicker). 

The involvement of the people of Usini made it possible to set up an exhibition of local craft products: household baskets, weaving, twines, wood carving, embroidery, etc., traditionally part of family life. 

During the event free excursions visiting the monumental heritage of the area surrounding Usini were organised, in particular to the site at S'Elighe Entosu where the results of recent international archaeological projects were presented.