Usini. Reconstructing the past

Usini. Reconstructing the past
Wednesday 14 December 2011
Scuola elementare di Usini "Grazia Deledda", Auditorium Comunale - Usini

The event was organised at Usini on the occasion of the presentation of the volume Usini. Ricostruire il passato. Una ricerca internazionale a S'Elighe Entosu (Usini. Reconstructing the past. International Research at S'Elighe Entosu) , Sassari, Editor Carlo Delfino, 2010. 

The occasion was preceded and enriched by a student workshop on archaeology at the "Grazia Deledda" Junior School in Usini, on the theme From earth to paper, from the dig to the manual: the adventures of an archaeological find. 

The presentation of the book was not intended as a celebration, but rather as a festival of culture, to mark the first successful step in the ongoing journey of University research at Usini. The event was honoured by the presence of Dean Prof. Attilio Mastino, by Prof. Alberto Moravetti, by the representative of the Soprintendenza Archeologica Dr. Maria Chiara Satta, by the host, Mayor Giuseppe Achenza and by Prof. Maria Grazia Melis, who on behalf of the international équipe that organised the event, thanked all those in their various roles who were able to make a contribution: 

The SARDÒS ASSOCIATION, which ran the morning activities with the children of the Junior School; 

The LOCAL COUNCIL OF USINI which, reconfirming it's decades long vocation to the defence and appreciation of cultural heritage in the area, made an indispensable financial contribution as well as logistical support to the activities in the field, and proved unceasingly generous with help and hospitality.

A particular thought goes to the Mayor Giuseppe Achenza, who was able to foresee the possibilities for development and the benefits which the community of Usine could receive and will continue to receive from the project; the Cultural Assessor Dr. Iole Serra and all the members of the Council, who have supported us with their enthusiasm; to the council secretary, to Surveyor Sabbatino Satta, to all the technical and administrative personnel and workers who offered their constant support; 

The SOPRINTENDENZA ARCHEOLOGICA FOR THE PROVINCES OF SASSARI AND NUORO in the persons of the Superintendents who were successively involved in the running of the project: Dr. Francesco Nicosia, Prof. Giovanni Azzena, Dr. Fulvia Lo Schiavo, Dr. Bruno Massabò. A special thank you goes to those officials who were variously involved in the administration of the project: Dr. Maria Chiara Satta as regional Supervisor, Dr. Antonietta Boninu, Dr. Francesco Guido and Dr. Luisanna Usai; 

The FRANCO-ITALIAN UNIVERSITY, which made a contribution to the costs of the members of the international mission; 

The AUTONOMOUS REGION OF SARDINIA, which financed the activity between 2011-2012; 

The DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SCIENCES AND ANTIQUITY and Secretary PIERA DEDOLA, who guaranteed the financial management of the project with endeavour and competence; 

Engineer ANTONIO VIRDIS, owner of part of the land at S'Elighe Entosu, and passionate promoter of the project; 

The OWNERS OF THE LAND where the first interventions were undertaken, who authorised research in the areas of S'Elighe Entosu and Molineddu: Maria Canu, Bernardo Chessa, Giovanna Chessa, Lina Ferranda, Maria Luigia Ferranda, Giovanni Luigi Fiori, Carmine Langasco; 

CARLO DELFINO who shared our editorial project; 

Prof. ALBERTO MORAVETTI for his invaluable advice and for having written the Presentation; 

Arch. FABRIZIO PISONI, for his help and technical support in the various stages of planning; 

The INHABITANTS OF USINI, who welcomed us with warmth and hospitability; 

Lastly thank you to the YOUNGEST participants, the students, the postgraduates, those studying specialisations and research Doctorates, the Italian, French, Swiss and Spanish participants in the field-walking, the study workshops and the excavations.