Alessandra Celant

Graduated in Natural Sciences in 1991 at the University "la Sapienza" of Rome. Post-graduate course "Chemical and physical methodology for the evaluation, preservation and restoration of heritage finds", University "la Sapienza" of Rome (1992). Post-graduate course "Methods of recovery and conservation of paleontological remains from archaeological excavations", University "la Sapienza" of Rome (1994). Ph Doctor in Botanic Sciences since 1997 (University "la Sapienza" of Rome). 

Holder of post-Doctorate CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) scholarship (1998-2000) Research associate at the University "la Sapienza" of Rome during the years 2000-2002 and 2004-2006. 

Permanent researcher at the Department of Environmental Biology, University "la Sapienza" of Rome since 2007. Lecturer of Paleobotany at the University "la Sapienza" of Rome. 

Has participated in two EU projects on "The desertification of Mediterranean regions (EV5V-CT91-0027)" and "Paleobotanic and genetic analyses of European tree species (EVK2-CT-1999-00036)", as well as two PRIN projects and two CNR projects, in collaboration with professional archaeologists, botanists and geologists. Participates in numerous Faculty and "la Sapienza" University projects. 

Author of more than 50 scientific publications in peer-reviewed books and periodicals. 

Principal research fields: archaeo-botanic studies of macro-remains of plants from archaeological sites (from the Neolithic to the Medieval) in Central Italy and Sardinia, with the following objectives: 1) identify the variations of flora and vegetation, 2) form a reconstruction of paleo-environmental and climatic changes 3) demonstrate the rapport between ancient mankind and plant life (the economy of subsistence, commercial and agricultural practices, the technological use of wood for buildings, artefacts, domestic activities, tools, in religious practises, as decoration and in medicine).